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091 Buy foot wears in the evening

              Due to the gravitational effect on your body, pressure of fluids on the lower part of the body tends to be higher. This will result in relative increase in your foot size after some hours of being upright during the day, more in the late part of the day than in early morning upon waking up. So to avoid buying tight shoes, better buy them in the evening on your way home.


General foot care

              Man has the ability to function in an upright position, such that the human foot is exposed to significant daily use, trauma and perhaps abuse.

              To keep your feet and lower limbs healthy, you should aim: 1. to maintain good blood circulation in this part of the body, 2. avoid injuries to the nerve, muscles, joints, and skin, and 3. avoid infections.

              You can help maintain good blood circulation to your feet by not smoking, by stretching, by avoiding sitting in cross-leg, by having a gentle massage and a warm foot bath (see Table 91). You can also prevent injuries by wearing the right shoes, by not scratching your feet, by eating the right food, and by maintaining normal body weight among others. Regular proper hygiene is also important to avoid infections.


Table 91. Things you can do to keep your feet healthy.

1. Buy shoes in the evening

2. Don't wear socks twice without washing them

3. Do not scratch your feet when washing

4. Always wash your feet then dry before going to bed

5. Don't cross your legs for a long while when sitting

6. Do some stretching if you have to sit for a long while

7. Wear comfortable and properly fitting shoes

8. Wear clean slippers at office work whenever possible

9. Have a gentle massage or warm foot bath 3 times a week

10. Do not smoke


              Crossing your legs may not only disrupt proper blood circulation to the leg and foot, this will also put excessive stress on your knees, hips and low back.

              When you are sitting for a long period (more than 30 min), avoid having a wallet or other bulging objects in your back pocket. A wallet in your back pocket may cause nerve compression or even disruption of blood flow to or from the leg and foot that may lead or contribute to a long-term chronic problem.

              People with systemic diseases that usually manifest foot conditions, such as diabetes mellitus, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and peripheral arterial insufficiency may require regular professional medical care313 in addition to personal care advised by the doctor.

              One of the major causes of diabetic foot ulcers is ill-fitting shoe gear, which can be prevented by wearing the right shoes.314


Painful feet

              Painful feet could be a considerable cause of distress to patients. Some of these conditions are readily amenable to treatment, although others may require continuing care.315 Sometimes just correcting ill-fitting footwear provides enough relief. Among older people, inappropriate shoes increase the risk of callous and ulcer formation associated with foot pain.316 Ill-fitting shoes can trigger migraine attacks.


High heels

              Many women wear high heels on a daily basis without experiencing any health problem with it. However, if you are experiencing low back pain you might consider using flat shoes and see what happens. A study showed that wearing high heels will result in reduction of the normal lumbar lordosis and may affect the lower back portion of our body.317

              If you are not used to using high heels, you can be at increased risk of accident and injury, and may suffer foot pain.


The right shoes for you

              If you are a man, avoid using women's shoes and vice versa. A study showed that there is significant difference between male and female foot dimensions.318 Good footwear is made according to the foot dimensions of the user population. Obviously, person's age may also matter as shoe size changes with age among children and young adults. In addition, shoe size may also change during pregnancy.

              If you are actively involved in running, customized shoes could be best for you. The right footwear will be determined based on your foot type, alignment of your leg and your gait when you walk. In the Philippines, a shop "Runnr" located at Bonifacio High Street, The Fort in Taguig, provides such expert services.319


092 Know the weather forecast

              Getting an updated weather forecast might save your life and prevent you from getting injured or harmed.

Daily activity and weather updates

              Now and then you can see people dying because of bad weather. Whether its typhoons, heavy rains, snow storms, strong winds or heat waves, knowing them beforehand can help you plan your day and your travels to avoid being injured. Modern communication systems such as television, radio, internet, mobile phone and car navigation system are capable of providing information on weather forecasts. Other information that are usually provided include, earthquake and tsunami warnings, ultraviolet light (UV) intensities, level of air pollution, traffic condition and pollen forecasting.

              Knowing the weather when planning a trip will help you avoid being trapped in a place and be in a situation that puts you at risk or in a situation that is of health concern. Modern forecasting technology are now capable of accurately predicting calamities such as typhoon, thunderstorm, heavy rain, heat waves320, solar wind, and many others, while modern communication systems are efficient in disseminating information on this regard.

Global climate

              Global climate change is likely to affect our health.321 Understanding the immediate and long term effect of global climate changes is important.


Table 92. Information you can get from different sources.

Source (medium)





Mobile phone

Car navigation system

Public bulletin board

Weather condition





UV light intensity



Level of pollution

Flu outbreaks

Other diseases outbreak


              Although events such as harsh weather may have direct consequences on health (e.g., injuries and displacement of populations due to thermal stress), they are also likely to cause important changes in the incidence and distribution of infectious diseases (e.g. viral infections such as influenza), particularly vector-borne and zoonotic diseases. Water-and food-borne diseases and diseases with environmental reservoirs (e.g., endemic fungal diseases) are also likely to be affected.


Weather and human mood

              Man is influenced by weather. The risk associated with it, the discomfort, the excitement, the influence on your daily activity including your work and source of living are factors that may affect you positively or negatively. Although this may bring about direct physical influence, it might also have a mood-changing effect on you.

              Fashion also adopts to the kind of weather either or both for safety and protection, for comfort and convenience, or just for the sake of art and style.


093 Have your breast exam & pap smear regularly

              Breast cancer and cervical cancer are two major forms of cancer in women that are curable if diagnosed early, but deadly when diagnosed late. Mammography is the gold standard for the early detection of breast cancer while papanicolaou (or Pap) smear is the most cost-effective method for detecting early indicators of cervical cancer.

Breast cancer and early detection

              Breast cancer is the number one killer cancer among women globally, followed by lung, stomach, colorectal and cervical cancers in descending order.       Screening for breast cancer is regularly done to achieve an earlier diagnosis. Breast examination is recommended to all women above 20 especially those with family history of breast cancer. Breast examination involves looking at and feeling your breast for lumps or other abnormalities. You can do self-breast examination (see figures below) once a month or more often if suggested.

              Systematic self-examination of the breast should be done as cancer may be found in any region of the breast. However, breast cancer may be found more commonly in some locations within the breast tissue and 5-19% more common in the left side than the right side.322

                            Another routinely done breast cancer screening procedure is mammography. Mammography is the most effective way to detect breast cancer. The procedure uses X-rays imaging to detect growth in the breast.

              Most authorities recommend an annual mammography for women above 40. This recommendation was based on studies showing an improved survival rate from breast cancer due to early diagnosis.323 However, because of some concerns for the long term effect of frequent x-ray irradiation, the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommendation is to have mammography once every two years to women between the ages of 50 and 74.

             Talk to your health care provider to discuss the benefits, risk and limitations of mammography.

Cervical cancer and early detection

              Cervical cancer is malignant neoplasm of the cervix uteri. It may present with symptoms such as vaginal bleeding but it may remain asymptomatic until the cancer is in its advanced stages. This is the reason that a routine examination be done to those high risk population.

              Unlike breast cancer screening where you can do self-examination, screening for cervical cancer needs a professional medical person to do it. Pap smear screening can identify potentially precancerous changes including infections and other abnormalities in the cervical region. It is recommended that women who are sexually active will have regular pap smear. This may vary from annually to every five years.

              A more comprehensive pelvic exam is often done in conjunction with pap smear. In the course of this exam, your doctor checks your vulva, vagina, uterus, rectum, pelvis, and ovaries are palpated for masses, growths or other abnormalities.


Human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer

              Infection with HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer (up to 70%) and immunization against HPV is effective in preventing most of these infections.266


Prostate cancer screening

              Cervical cancer is exclusive for women and breast cancer 100 times more common among women than in men, while prostate cancer is exclusive for men.

              Prostate cancer is slow growing and more common among older men. This is the 6th most common cause of cancer deaths among men worldwide.

             Screening methods include digital rectal exam and the blood test for prostate-specific antigen (PSA). Controversy about the test exists because of its low specificity. Of those PSA positive, only 16% will ever receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer and there is only 3% chance of dying from it. Evidence is therefore not sufficient to recommend routine screening.324


094 Use drugs or chemicals properly

              Proper use of drugs or medicines will not only provide you the expected beneficial effect of a drug, this will also prevent you from the risk associated with overdosing and to a lesser extent under-dosing.

Take your meds as they are prescribed

              Even supplements, vitamins, herbal preparations and commonly used over-the-counter medications can have adverse effects if taken incorrectly.

              If the drug is prescribed by a doctor, follow the instruction carefully. If you have doubts about the dose, discuss this with the doctor. Make it a habit to compile a list of your medications so that you can keep track of which medicines you're taking including the doses and frequency. Make the list available to your doctor, pharmacist and other health care providers.


Read the labels

              Some drugs are over the counter and no instruction from doctors on how to use them. Read carefully the labels, follow the instruction for use, and read carefully other information such as side effects, drug interaction, and other warning notes in the label. The same when using chemicals for personal or household use, you need to read the instructions properly.


Drug-drug and food-drug interactions

              A drug might reduce or increase the effects of another drug when taken together, or may even produce a dangerous interaction.325

              Table 94 lists some of drugs that may interact with other drugs and the potential effects of the interactions.

              In addition to drug to drug interactions, food and drug interactions may also result to undesirable effects. Food can speed up or slow down the action of a drug, some medications may cause vitamins and minerals not to work properly in the body, while some may alter how nutrients are utilized in the body. Even food supplements and herbs may interact with many medicines.


Table 94. Drug-drug interactions.



Drug A

Drug B

Antihistamines (cough meds)


Decreased alertness; drowsiness

Vit. A, D, E & K

Mineral oil

Decrease vit. absorption



Excessive bleeding



Decreased Tetracycline absorption

Decongestants in cold

Cough meds

Aggravate high blood pressure

Iron supplement


Reduced antibiotic effects;


              The impact of interaction will depend on a variety of intervening factors including, dosage of the drug, a person's age, size and state of health, and  when the food is eaten and when the medication is taken.


Poisoning among children

              The top leading cause of accidental poisoning among American children is medication overdose, notably unsupervised ingestions; representing 68.9% of emergency department visits for unintentional pediatric poisonings.326

              Keeping all medicines and chemicals out of children's reach is important in preventing this from happening in your home.


Drink medicine with water

              You can take medicine with any liquid; however, some drugs may interact with fluids such as milk, wine, or juice that is why it is generally safer to have water. Drink plenty of water when taking medicine. Allowing the medicine to stay in the throat undiluted can cause irritation and abnormal changes in the cells lining the esophagus.



































A medicine container to help organize your weekly regimen of medications.



Use a drug organizer

              Clearly label your medications and follow the instructions and to avoid missing or double-taking your medications, use especially designed container or dispenser that can help you organize which meds to take on a daily basis. This is practically helpful especially if you are taking several regimens of medications.


Avoid toxic chemicals in your household

              Avoid using household products that contain toxic chemicals.


095 Avoid insect bites

              Sometimes an insect sting or bite can cause a life-threatening allergic reaction. But in most cases they just result in redness and swelling in the injured area. However in some cases, secondary infection from scratching may result to ugly scar or skin discolorations, significantly affecting your health and looks.

Insect bites and associated illnesses

              Insect bites can cause illnesses327 by causing direct tissue damage, inducing allergic response from the body, and transmitting pathogens such as virus, bacteria, and parasites. Insects are probably responsible for causing most number of morbidity and mortality worldwide than any other group of animals.

Anaphylaxis from insect bites

              Anaphylaxis is a generalized body allergic reaction that can be triggered by several agents such as food and factors such as exercise. In a Korean study involving 978,146 patients diagnosed of having anaphylaxis, 11.8% was caused by insect bites.160


Bee vision

              Bees can see ultraviolet light that we humans can't, but they can't see red and black. So covering yourself with a red or black towel or blanket makes you invisible to them, while wearing brightly colored clothing is attractive to them. Wearing white or light-colored clothing can be the most effective measure in mitigating the severity of a mass attack by bees.328


Table 95. Insect bites and associated illnesses.


Illnesses from bites


Malaria, dengue fever, viral encephalitis, yellow fever, Filariasis, West Nile fever


Cutaneous myiasis, onchocerciasis, leishmaniasis, sleeping sickness,

Bees, wasps, ants

Local reactions, anaphylaxis


Typhus, relapsing fever, trench fever


Typhus, Bubonic plague, tungiasis


Pruritic papules


Granuloma formation, Lyme disease, Q fever, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis


Allergic dermatitis, scabies, scrub typhus,


Tissue necrosis, paralysis, anaphylaxis


Local tissue damage, cardiorespiratory arrest, neurotoxicity,


Insects smell

              Some perfumes makes you smell like flowers and are attractive to some insects such as bees.


Spider bites

             Just like other insect bites, most spider bites are minor and causes nothing more than local irritations. Though some spider bites can cause significant morbidity and rarely, mortality.329 In case a venomous spider is suspected to have caused the bite, a pressure immobilization bandage should be applied and the patient transferred to a hospital equipped with resuscitation facilities and if possible antivenom should be secured immediately.


Ant stings

              Most ant bites or sting merely cause pain, and swelling. Some ant stings can trigger allergic reaction and rarely anaphylaxis,312 especially with multiple stings.


Avoiding mosquitoes

              Body heat, sweat, and carbon dioxide all attract mosquitoes. By not having these, makes you less attractive to them.


096 Watch out for heavy metals

             Heavy metals particularly lead and mercury are commonly found in household and industrial materials. Chronic toxicity to these metals may be silent but common and well documented. Watching for these metals and materials that may contain them is important to avoid exposure and the bad effects brought about by these metals.

Heavy metals

              When walking along an alley, falling heavy object such as metals can pose danger to lives. But this is easily observed and easily watched for. The heavy metals that are not visible need more attention in safeguarding your health. These include traces of elemental heavy metals such as lead (Pb), mercury (Hg) and others shown in Table 96.


Table 96. Heavy metals and potential health effects.

Heavy metals

Effects on health

Co, Cu, Cr, Mn, Ni

Necessary in human in minute amounts

Mn, Hg, Pb, As

Carcinogenic or toxic affecting the central nervous system (CNS)

Hg, Pb, Cd, Cu

Carcinogenic or toxic affecting the kidney or liver

Ni, Cd, Cu, Cr

Carcinogenic or toxic affecting skin, bones or teeth

Co, cobalt; Cu, copper; Cr, chromium; Mn, Manganese; Ni, nickel; Hg, mercury; Pb, lead; As, arsenic; Cd, cadmium


Low-level lead exposure

              Lead is widely used in the production of batteries, metal products, and devices to shield X-rays leading to exposure of people working in these industries. Use of lead in paints, gasoline and ceramic products has been dramatically reduced in recent years because of health concerns. But high levels of lead are still being occasionally being detected in many products, including herbal and food supplements, sandals, and jewelries.

              Ingestion of contaminated food and drinking water is the most common source of lead exposure in humans. The effects of lead are the same whether it enters the body through breathing or swallowing. Lead can affect almost every organ and system in the body.

              Lead, like mercury, is a potent neurotoxin that accumulates in soft tissues and bone overtime. It can also cause blood disorders215 and learning disabilities.

              Long term exposure to lead and its salts (especially soluble salts or the strong oxidant PbO2) can cause nephropathy and colic-like abdominal pains.

              Because of the adverse effects of low-level lead exposure, the intervention level of 25 ug/dL has been revised downward by CDC to 10 ug/dL.330

              Exposure to mercury is the known cause of Minamata disease while exposure to cadmium is the known cause of Itai-itai disease.

Paint and paint removal

              Although use of lead in paints has been regulated in developed countries, still in many countries paints with high or even dangerously high levels of lead,331 are still being used.

              If you work in paint removal, you should change and shower before getting in your car. Lead from paints will become part of the dust inside the car that can lead to lead poisoning. Children who ride this car are more vulnerable to the bad effects of lead.



              In the Philippines, children exposure to lead remains a major health concern. A study showed that even among Filipino children in rural areas,332 presumed to be less likely exposed to lead, 21% of them have shown a blood lead level greater than 10 ug/dl, the WHO higher safety limit.


Mercury exposure from broken thermometers

              Children exposure to mercury from small spills from broken thermometers is very common according to a study.333 Although such exposure may not be harmful, if exposure period is short, and spilled mercury is properly cleaned up. Otherwise it can lead to mercury poisoning.


097 Prefer organic foods

              Eating organic food, especially fruits and vegetables, will give you benefits without the risk of harm from pesticides, steroids, and antibiotics that are commonly used with non-organic products.

Organic vs. non-organic

              A common concern with non-organic produce is the use of pesticides, steroids, and antibiotics. Organic foods are made according to certain production standards. The use of conventional non-organic pesticides, insecticides and herbicides is greatly restricted and avoided.

              Although some studies found organic food to have no nutritional or healthy benefits over conventionally produced food, more studies have shown that organic food contain higher levels of certain nutrients such as vitamin C and iron than non-organic varieties. In addition to having lower levels of pesticides, organic fruits and vegetables consistently demonstrate to have greater antioxidant activity, thus suggesting health benefits for the consumers.334


Bad effects of pesticides

              A more recent research suggests that exposure to high levels of pesticides, particularly organophosphates, commonly found in non-organic fruits and vegetables, could raise the odds for attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) in children.335


098 Save for health

              Saving for your and your family's health provides you resources needed for an immediate and full care whenever needed. Enrolling in a reliable health insurance program provides you not only some sense of financial health security, this will also provide you some emotional comfort at the time when you get the actual benefit of your health insurance.

Get insured

              In the present time wherein health care is generally getting expensive, having a health insurance is important. Comprehensive insurance that covers regular checkups and special diagnostic procedures might be expensive but could be of help. Find a more reliable and dependable insurance company to enroll in.


Insurance programs in the Philippines

              Insurance programs, private or under the national health insurance programs, promote quality of health care.332

              Educating the people on how to utilize their social insurance is very important especially among the marginalized community. Most often, lack of adequate education resulted to underutilization of these programs and could undermine public health.332

              Government-sponsored social insurance program are usually cheaper but may have a limited coverage. In the Philippines, the Government Social Security System (GSIS) of the government employees, and the Social Security System (SSS) for the private employees also provide minimal medical or sickness benefits to its members. However, because this benefit is provided in a fixed daily allowance, chances are that it is not enough to cover the overall cost of hospitalization and other hospital fees. Other private insurance companies provide extensive coverage that could cover all expenses incurred during hospitalization.


099 Be fashionable

         Being fashionable gives you that good sense of being yourself and a strong feeling of belongingness that helps boost your self-confidence.

Society and fashion

              Combined with personal hygiene and healthy habits, being fashionable is an important component of maintaining your psychosocial wellbeing.

              Being fashionable shows that you are not lost of the present and this may provide you some sense of belongingness to contemporary society.

              Fashion is more than just the way you dress up but several components make up the kind of fashion a society may have. These components may include your attitude towards others, your perception of what are good and bad habits, the way you talk, the way you involve yourself to sports and other activities.


              Learning how to speak well is important to project yourself as healthy and probably young and fashionable, while several aspects of body image, including weight concern, physical condition, sexual attractiveness, and thoughts about the body during sexual activity are all entwined in ones desire to be fashionable. The same characteristics that may predict sexual satisfaction in women.153

              While you get older, efforts to look younger becomes a major goal for fashion.


Dressing younger

              Dressing younger can help you feel better. Being stylish today in your age can help you with the contemporary fashion that is affordable to you.    Imitating the fashion trends of celebrities of your age who manage to look stylish and elegant can be another option. For more tips on dressing young visit Articlebase.com (retrieved March 11, 2010).


What's your color?

              White colored attire makes you look bigger as it reflects light. On the other hand, dark colored wear makes you look smaller and on daylight absorbs light and makes you warmer, but is a good protector against harmful UV. Putting on clothes with stripes will add dimension to your figure.

              Have you ever noticed and wondered why American presidents always wear red or blue ties? Red is a symbol of power while blue makes you look cool and smart. But because you are not the American president, you can always choose a color that suits you.


Men in red

              For men wanting to attract women, try putting on something red or try to be in a red environment. This will make you more attractive and sexually desirable, according to a study.336


Bad habits that may look fashionable

              Some things that people find fashionable might actually be bad for your health.

              Mass media such as television advertisements and fashion magazines are very influential in setting the fashion trends. They can also be influential in molding unhealthy habits such as smoking,193 alcohol abuse and tanning.337


Table 99. Unfashionable fashion. Practices often linked to fashion that should not be considered fashionable.


Potential bad effects

1. Tobacco use/smoking

Heart diseases; Cancer

2. Alcohol abuse

Cancer; accidents

3. Use of prohibited drugs

Heart disease; infection; drug dependence; accidental death

4. Tanning

Skin cancer

5. Excessive body piercing


6. Excessive body tattoos

Infection; disfigurement

7. Body scarification

Disfigurement; Infection

8. Excessive weight lose


9. Non-essential plastic surgeries

Disfigurement; Infections

10. Risky sports

Accidents: injury and death


              Other practices that some people may find fashionable but could lead to harmful effects (Table 99) include the use of prohibited drugs, excessive body piercing, excessive body tattoo and body scarification.338

              If you have some health issues, you need to balance your desire to be fashionable and the risk associated with that kind of fashion. Talk to your doctor when in doubt, because even simple fashion wears like shoes can be bad for your condition.339


100 Install safety devices

              Several health and safety devices are available in the market today. New and better ones are coming out every year. Some are still expensive while most of them are getting more affordable to more and more people. Having these modern safety gadgets may save your life.


Safety devices

              Several safety devices are available today to protect you from harm. Table 100 provides you a list of safety and health devices that may be available for you to safeguard your health and you, your family and your properties from damage or loss.

              Some devices may promote good health, such as ionizer, air cleaner, and humidifiers.



Have your home tested for radon

              Radon is a radioactive noble gas that comes from natural decay of uranium. It is a hard-to-detect colorless and odorless gas that can accumulate in buildings, seeping in from the ground through cracks in cellars, and may also be emitted by natural spring waters and hot springs.

A United Nations (UN) report identifies radon gas as carcinogenic based on research findings showing direct evidence of lung cancer risk from the presence of this colorless and odorless gas in many homes. When breathed in radon progeny may be deposited on the cells lining the airways where the alpha particles can damage the DNA and potentially cause lung cancer.


Buy new appliances & give your old ones to others

              New model of home appliances may provide you a more energy-efficient unit with more functionalities, less nois (e.g. refrigerators and air-conditioning system) and with advanced safety features. So inquire for new models and its safety features and if you can afford buy them and give your old ones to others.

              Giving your older models to those who have less may provide you with added emotional benefit of feeling good for being generous and kind to others and at the same time avoiding these old devices to take up your home space.


Table 100. Home safety and health devices.



Burglar alarm system

Break-in warning

Smoke/heat/fire detector

Fire alarm


Monitors room temperature


Monitors humidity

Carbon monoxide   detector

Fire alarm and carbon monoxide accumulation

Gas leak detector

Specific gas leak

Radon detector

Presence of radon

Air cleaner with ionizer

Filters and clean air plus emits positive ions


Increase water in air


Decreases water in air


Robotics for health and safety

              Robotic devices could provide a variety of different services ranging from companionship to medical monitoring. Robots with the appropriate sensors could act as fire detectors or flash lights when doorbells or phones ring, and many others. Some robots can act as house guard when nobody is at home. Any movement activates the robot through a motion sensor, and then with proper programming and internet connection, it will switch on video camera to record and or transmit images to a preprogrammed destination like your office computer or your personal e-mail account.


101 Use jewelries appropriately

              Appropriately wearing jewelries and other accessories will not only make you look fashionable and young, but it can also make you feel better and healthy.

Your jewelry

              Certainly, jewelries will make women look elegant when properly worn. Jewelries can be an important part of man's ensemble too. If correctly worn, jewelries can significantly increase the quality of ones look.



Matching rule

              For proper matching of your jewelries, you might need to consult experts who will evaluate you as to the shape of your face, your hair style, the image you wish to project of yourself, and other factors including age and gender.

              However, this basic rule may just work for you even without an expert's advice. One is that metal goes with the same metal. This means that any metal on you should all be the same material, whether yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum or another. In addition, a traditional social guideline is to wear yellow gold during the day and silver, white gold or platinum at night, though most men prefer silver, white gold or platinum any time of the day. Some jewelry design also combines different metals with stones. In this case, it is better to match your jewelries with similar designs or color combinations.

              Another tip is that a necklace is good together with a ring, while earrings are a good match for a bracelet.


Men's jewelries

              Rings, timepieces, cufflinks and tie bars are the most basic and are also most easily incorrectly worn.


Metal allergy

              Metal allergy may result in allergic contact dermatitis or systemic allergic reaction to patients. It is estimated that up to 17% of women and 3% of men are allergic to nickel.340 Nickel is a common component of silver, silver or other alloys used in making jewelries. Symptoms may include a rash, itching, swelling, blistering, and eczema. You need to stop using the jewelries whenever you develop any of these symptoms and consult your doctor about it.


Injury from jewelries

              Injuries from jewelries may result from poor design and poor quality control. Jewelries with sharp ends or sides can cause physical injury to the one wearing it or to other people. Properly fitting your jewelry will prevent loss of your valuables and also prevent injury. Some cheap jewelry may contain lead, cadmium, and other hazardous metals.


Piercing and things to avoid

              Use only sterile material with proper sterile technique to do a piercing. In addition, avoid piercing through a cartilage. Piercing involving the cartilage may cause secondary infection that is hard to treat and may lead to an unsightly scar.341

              You should not consider getting a pierce if you have diabetes, hemophilia and auto-immune disorders, and also if you are pregnant.


A place to wear or display your jewelries

              Avoid displaying your expensive jewelries in areas where snatching or robbery is rampant. This will not only prevent you from losing your valuables, it might also prevent you from being harmed.


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